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Historical Grapes Nursery Sonnehoeck
“an oasis of rest in an active “Westland”.

Sonnehoeck is the only nursery in The Netherlands, and possibly in Europe, with National Monument status.
Going back 100 years, the entire history of Westland grape cultivation here is presented in a thriving operation
that seems to have made time come to a standstill.

The nursery consist of eight grape greenhouses, a water tower, two boiler houses with chimneys, two fruit walls and a fruit orchard.
The old Gardener’s House with the built-in barn, built in 1729, is unique in the region and is of great historical value.

Grape Nursery Sonnehoeck is located on the Hollewatering 26 (Hollewatering corner Groenepad) in Kwintsheul. (see route)

Visitors, by appointment only, at least 10 persons at one time, can be accommodated between April 1st and October 15th.
(see visitors information)