Sale of Grapes


Production of grapes

Sonnehoeck features heated and cold greenhouses.The heating of some greenhouses causes growth to start earlier in the year
distributing the work of the heated and the cold greenhouses over the entire season. The grapes of the Frankenthaler variety,
for example, ripen half of July while the Alicante and Gros Maroc harvest in the cold greenhouses begins in mid-August
and continues until early October.


Sale of grapes on Saturday

From about half of July to early October, every Saturday from 11.00 to 15.00 hr grapes may be purchased by individuals in the
front yard of Sonnehoeck. Also here ‘greenhouses’ or ‘kasjes’ with a half or a whole kilo of grapes are for sale at the prevailing
market price.


Buy grapes during a visit to Sonnehoeck

From about half of July to early October visitors can buy grapes. These grapes are offered in sturdy plastic ‘greenhouses’ or ‘kasjes’
of which the big ‘greenhouse’ (‘kasje’) approxmately contains 1 kg and the smaller ‘greenhouse’ (‘kasje’) nearly about 0.5 kg.
The price of these grapes are determined by the market price at that time.